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Arguing for wisdom in the university: an intellectual autobiography
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So, having failed to become a physicist, and failed to become a novelist, I studied philosophy at Manchester University and then, in six weeks of inspiration, discovered that the riddle of the universe is the riddle of our desires. Philosophy should be about how to live, and should not just do conceptual analysis. I struggled to reconcile the two worlds of my childhood ambitions, the physical universe and the human world. I decided they could be reconciled with one another if one regarded the two accounts of them, physics and common sense, as myths, and not as literal truths.

But then I discovered Karl Popper: truth is too important to be discarded.

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I revised my ideas: physics seeks to depict truly only an aspect of all that there is; in addition, there is the aspect of the experiential features of the world as we experience it. I was impressed, too, with his generalization of this view to form critical rationalism. This is not truth as such; rather it is explanatory truth — truth presupposed to be unified or physically comprehensible. We need, I realized, a new conception of science, called by me aim-oriented empiricism, which acknowledges the real, problematic aims of science, and seeks to improve them.

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This led on to a new conception of academic inquiry. From the Enlightenment we have inherited the view that academia, in order to help promote human welfare, must first acquire knowledge. But this is profoundly and damagingly irrational.

How To Survive University - Modern Wisdom #034

If academia really does seek to help promote human welfare, then its primary tasks must be to articulate problems of living, and propose and critically assess possible solutions — possible actions, policies, political programmes, philosophies of life. The pursuit of knowledge is secondary. Academia needs to promote cooperatively rational problem solving in the social world, and needs to help humanity improve individual and institutional aims by exploiting aim-oriented rationality, arrived at by generalizing the real progress-achieving methods of science.

We might, as a result, get into life some of the progressive success that is such a marked feature of science. Thus began my campaign to promote awareness of the urgent need for a new kind of academic inquiry rationally devoted to helping humanity create a wiser world. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear these teachings that come from the past as well as modern interpretations and new information that help humanity to move through this shift in time and space.

New Wisdom University has been in Jackson for a couple of years without a physical home.


We needed one. Many Jackson residents and visitors recognize the high frequency of this place and know or feel the presence of something very special.

We searched for places and properties. We explored options. We prayed for guidance and asked to be shown where we belonged. Always believing. Always doing the footwork. Francine opened Medicine Wheel Wellness in January Her vision of offering a natural process of healing through achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance is supported by the ancient wisdom expressed by the Native American traditions in their use of the Medicine Wheel, so she integrated them.

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At Medicine Wheel Wellness, Francine created a setting for professional healthcare providers to support and advance healing, health and wholeness for the individual, the community and the planet. Dawn and Mary wrote a letter to the organization expressing a desire to share some of our knowledge with her community. Francine was familiar with the curiosities some have about spiritual presence within the Tetons and her openness to provide a space for us to offer our teachings to those intrigued and seeking more has initiated a new relationship for us with the fine healers and experts who have come together at Medicine Wheel Wellness.

Workshop 6 – Nov. 5

The content of this course was fascinating and enlightening. In New Wisdom University I have found the teachings that allow us to know the cause of our human suffering and the remoteness of our original perfection, while at the same time a system of practices that allow us to understand and travel all the way of the spiritual conquest towards our True Being and join those who have already achieved it.

I have also been able to perceive that there are times when the person who guides us, like Dr.

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Covington, and the spiritual masters interpenetrate so much that everything results in personal, direct experience with higher planes—a break for moments from the illusion of separation. The experiences that many of us have are unlimited. I invite those who want to live the experience of their True Being to find powerful gifts here through New Wisdom University. However, our Spanish community hail from all over the Americas and Europe so they get together in person as well as join the group over the phone to learn.

Their teacher, Rev. Lydia Pisani, has traveled all over South America to speak about the masters and what they offer for our instruction and growth. They are on fire! Facebook Twitter Instagram. Our Communities. Hans Nordblom Sweeden. Donna Glory Munich, Germany.

Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University Wisdom in the University
Wisdom in the University

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