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Throw in a traditional rice-picker straw hat and the fact that the man in question is internationally famous artist and activist Ai Weiwei , and you have yourself an explosive meme.

The question, of course, is what Ai Weiwei intended with his aggressively acrobatic pose, posted to his Twitter and Instagram feeds at 5. An email to his team elicited no response, while the internet elicited more stabs in the dark than a production of Hamlet. The ballet was one of the eight model operas that monopolised the s Chinese national landscape during the cultural revolution; a state-sanctioned depiction of one woman's rise through the Communist party.

Coming, as it has, just after the 25th anniversary of the protests in Tiananmen Square , suddenly Weiwei's photo looked a lot like a satirical comment on China's onerous cultural control. Forget giving state oppression the finger; this is giving it all six barrels from your facetiously-raised thigh. It is cocking your leg at the regime.

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Or is it? While a reference to The Red Detachment of Women is no doubt subversive — riot grrl band Bikini Kill used it as an unofficial video for their single Rebel Girl for a reason — it is also playful. While lots of his followers have labelled their photos with the endgunviolence hashtag, there are also plenty of people excitedly proclaiming "the rifle — new dance move! The plus photos submitted by Weiwei's followers, re-enacting his pose, range from the sublime to the ridiculous. In one, a small Asian boy fires his leg at a huge ceramic tortoise.

The following security best practices can help you build a better defense in depth strategy to defend against threats: Implement two-factor authentication. Install web application firewalls or web content filtering. Create rules and access controls for user account privileges. Disable access to unused ports and services. Invest in endpoint security technology. Verify that you are running updated antivirus software. Create a patch management program. Develop and practice incident response to confirm that backup policies are in place and that they work. Share this article.

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Zurkus is an influential writer covering a range of security topics with a focus on mitigating risks to businesses. Retrieved 22 June Boston Globe. Archived from the original on 5 November The Globe and Mail. Archived from the original on 26 June Food Science' mixes bananas and Sprite, conducts other questionable food experiments".

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The Times of India. Retrieved 16 July Jason Statham and John Mayer join the latest viral challenge". Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 26 May New York Post. Inside Edition.

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