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It is Sandberg whose story commands our riveted attention, and it is her natural and untutored responses to the horror that are most moving. It can only get better from here.

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No research could have helped her in that moment. She is the one who knew what to do and what to say.

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  7. They were her children, and she knew how to comfort them. Death humbles each of us in different ways. If only she had known how little time she would have with her husband, she thinks, she would have spent more of it with him.

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    The unbearable clarity that follows a death blessedly fades with time. Sheryl Sandberg followed the oldest data set in the world, the one that says: The children are young, and you must keep going. Slowly the fog began to lift. She found she had something useful to offer at a meeting; she got the children through their first birthdays without their father; she began to have one O.

    Grief is the final act of love, and recovery from it is the necessary betrayal on which the future depends. There is only this one life, and we are the ones who are here to live it. The Working Group held its first meeting on 18 March and has met on over 30 occasions since its inaugural meeting.


    Work on the remaining recommendations is ongoing, the majority of which are medium to long-term in nature. The report can be accessed here. Mayo F26 V6E4. Mayo F26 V6E4

    The Flanagan Option The Flanagan Option
    The Flanagan Option The Flanagan Option
    The Flanagan Option The Flanagan Option
    The Flanagan Option The Flanagan Option
    The Flanagan Option The Flanagan Option

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