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Jace and Clary fall in love in City of Bones , making Clary the only girl Jace has developed real genuine feelings for, but after they find out they are "siblings", each attempts to get over the other by dating other people. He is naturally overprotective and caring for her, although Clary does not see this due to her internal suffering. The truth frees Jace and Clary from the torture of having seemingly incestuous feelings for each other, allowing them to accept their mutual feelings and become a "real" couple. They are 23 and 24 respectively. However, she refuses him, because she believes that she is going to die She has been having visions of her lying dead, and Jace is crying over her dead body.

Clary proposes to Jace, and he agrees. We see the chapter end on them kissing, and the Midnight Flower open in front of them, unnoticed. Jace has fine, wavy dark golden-blond hair and dark gold eyes. He has a slim, muscular build, and is about 5'11". His face is described as being pretty and angular, and Clary often refers to him as beautiful and leonine, with a narrow mouth.

His eyes are brown with flecks of gold that lighten and darken with his moods. Like all other Shadowhunters, he is covered in thin, pale scars from years of applying various magical runes with a stele for battle and healing purposes, as well as permanent runes. It is said that Jace is seventeen years old, though that was assuming he was Valentine or Michael Wayland's son, and his real age is between a few years younger than Jonathan Christopher and a year or so older than Clary.

Jace is also left-handed like Valentine. He has often said and tried to prove that the only trait he got from his father was his attitude. He is described to be extremely good looking. Jace is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower in the film adaptation of the book and Dominic Sherwood in the television series.

In City of Bones , Jace lives with his adoptive family, the Lightwoods, and is seen as the brother of the Lightwood children. Later, he is told that he is the son of Valentine and Jocelyn Morgenstern, and not Michael Wayland as he had been told. At this time, he is also told that Clary Fray is his sister. In the end it is revealed that he is actually Stephen Herondale and Celine Herondale's son and that Clary is not related to him. He and Clary have a conversation at the end of City of Glass in which he confesses that he doesn't know who he is, referring to his last name.

Clary confirms that he is a Lightwood, and Jace accepts that, correcting people throughout City of Fallen Angels when they referred to him as "Jace Herondale". Isabelle and Alec later say that they noticed a change in Jace's behavior after he started getting close to Clary. In City of Glass , Isabelle tells Clary that before Jace met her, he was apathetic and only half-alive as if in a long-time sleep, but that after his first encounter with her, Jace "woke up" and "started living".

Isabelle further claims that she has never seen him act the way he does with Clary and states that Jace will never get over her. Throughout the series, Jace continuously loves Clary even after he believes they are siblings, to the extent that he is willing to commit incest with her and have a secret relationship.

He has been with a couple of girls though it being stated as more as just hooking up and tries to start a relationship with Aline Penhallow in a failed attempt to get over Clary. Clary and Jace reunite at the end of the third book after discovering they are not siblings. Simon Lewis is Clary's best friend. He accompanies Clary in her adventures, despite being human for the first book, and most of the second book. Simon eventually becomes a Shadowhunter and he and Clary become Parabati.

Along the way Simon falls for Isabelle Lightwood and he proposes to her and she says yes. He is portrayed by Robert Sheehan in the film and by Alberto Rosende in the television series. His family is said to be devoutly Jewish. Not much is said about Simon's family. It is mentioned that his father died when he was very young due to a heart attack. His mother, Elaine Lewis, becomes a more prominent character in City of Fallen Angels when she discovers that Simon is a vampire and kicks him out of the house.

Upon leaving, he puts her in a trance, hoping to talk to her at a later date. He also has a sister named Rebecca who is a few years older than he is. In City of Lost Souls , he admits to his sister that he is a vampire despite his fear of her shutting him out like his mother. Rebecca accepts him, and the two stay in contact. In City of Bones , he is kidnapped by vampires after being turned into a rat and brought to their lair in the abandoned Hotel Dumort.

Later, in City of Ashes , he begins to feel some side effects as a result of biting Raphael, the temporary head vampire while he was a rat. Because he is human and doesn't know the correct way to become a vampire, he begins to fear he may be turning into a monster. When he cannot reconcile his feelings for Clary, he returns to the hotel—putting himself in great danger—to ask them if he is becoming one of them. Unfortunately, the vampires attack, and Raphael saves him from immediate death by bringing him back to the Institute, where Clary is staying. Faced with the choice of letting Simon die or making him a vampire, Clary and Jace decide to let him be reborn as a vampire.

Jace finds Simon on the brink of death and allows him to drink his blood to revive him. The large quantity of Angel blood in Jace's body then allows Simon to stand in high sun with no risk of burning, unlike all other vampires who cannot. After Max Lightwood's death, Isabelle Max's older sister becomes distraught, blaming herself for not listening to him and for not being there for her little brother. She refused to see anyone, finally allowing Simon to come in. Simon comforts Isabelle, trying to convince her that Max's death wasn't her fault, and ends up sleeping next to her, much to his surprise, although they do nothing sexual.

Towards the end of the third novel, Raphael demands Simon's death in exchange for his clan's assistance for the war; Raphael believes Simon's Daylighter powers make him too dangerous to remain alive. In order to protect him, Clary draws the Mark of Cain on Simon, which prevents him from being harmed by anyone and also curses him, marking him as a wanderer for eternity. When the girls find out, they both leave him, and he is alone once more. However, by the end of the book it is clear that a deepening relationship is forming between Simon and Isabelle.

Throughout the book, Simon and Isabelle's relationship progresses to the point where she trusts him enough to let him bite her when he is hungry. They spend nights together, much to Alec's horror. However, they still don't consider themselves dating for neither has confessed that they want to. Simon thinks he will just be dumped like the rest of Isabelle's boyfriends while Isabelle has trouble revealing her feelings and thinks Simon should make the first move.

In the demon realm, he saves Isabelle after she is bitten by a demon. Soon after, he tells Isabelle he loves her. As a result, they finally make their relationship official.

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At the end, after defeating Sebastian, they have no possible way of getting out. Magnus calls on his father, Asmodeus, who asks to help them get out of Edom since Sebastian closed all possible ways for them to get out. In return, Asmodeus wants Magnus' immortal life — if Magnus does this, he will die. None of them want Magnus to sacrifice his life, so Simon steps forward.

Because Simon has only just become a vampire, his years will not catch up to him and he will return a mundane. But to spice up the deal, Asmodeus also says he must take away all of Simon's memory of the Shadow world and of Clary. Everything he will remember will be a normal life, a life without Clary, or Jace, or Alec, or Magnus and Isabelle. This devastated them all, but Simon gave it willingly to save his friends and the person he loves. In the Epilogue, Clary tries to see if Simon remembers her, but he doesn't and just thinks she's a crazy girl with tattoos.

Except, he does give her his band flyer thinking she might be hitting on him. She walks away with it. Clary gives Izzy the flyer and walks away. The flyer says the band's name, "The Mortal Instruments". With this sliver of hope, Izzy and Magnus go to Simon and tell him what has happened. Simon is given the choice for Magnus to prep him to Ascend and become a Shadowhunter so that Asmodeus cannot touch him and he can regain all of his memory.

Simon agrees and receives some of his memory back. He then reunites with Clary, Izzy, and the rest of the clan at Jocelyn and Luke's wedding.

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Luke Garroway, whose birth name is Lucian Graymark, is Jocelyn Fray's best friend who later becomes her husband and step-father to Clary Fray. He is a werewolf who was a Shadowhunter and member of the Circle which was run by Valentine Morgenstern. In his early life, Lucian was raised in Idris with his mother and older sister Amatis.

Later, his mother left to join the Iron Sisters, leaving Luke to be raised by his sister. When Luke was young, he met Jocelyn Fairchild Jocelyn Fray and they were later sent to Alicante to train and attend school. When they arrived at Alicante, Luke wasn't the best in school and often contemplated quitting, until Valentine Morgenstern offered to tutor him.

Before Luke turned into a Werewolf, he was a Shadowhunter, Valentine had invited Luke to go hunting to help clean out the werewolves' nests that had killed Valentine's father, while they were scouting out the nests, a werewolf bit Luke. After he was bitten, Luke wasn't sure if the bite was enough to infect him with Lycanthropy. At one point, he went seeking aid from his sister Amatis for help and shelter and was sent away. He, along with Jocelyn and Valentine had kept quiet in following weeks while they awaited for the full moon.

To his dismay, he did Change after the attack. Valentine then took him to the forest and gave Luke his father's dagger and told him to be honorable and kill himself. Valentine then led everyone to believe that Luke was dead. Instead Luke sought out the werewolf that had turned him to kill him and himself in the process. When Luke finally found him, he turned out to be the leader of a pack in Brocelind Forest. Luke had fought and killed him. By werewolf law, Luke had become the new pack leader, and accepted the position and began his new life. Luke has blue eyes and brown, uneven hair with ragged-looking clothes.

He is tall, with squared shoulders and wears glasses. His favorite shirts to wear are flannel shirts. He is portrayed by Aidan Turner in the film adaptation of the book, and Isaiah Mustafa in the television series. After the Uprising Luke had offered Jocelyn to marry him but she refused and when they parted ways Luke couldn't forget her and went looking for her.

When he finally found her in New York, he chose to leave his life as a Werewolf behind to live a mundane life, all whilst harbouring a deep love for her. Even though it took Luke many years, he finally told Jocelyn how he feels after she awoke from her coma. A few weeks later, the two became engaged and were married after the Dark War. She was born in May 31, is the younger sister of Alec and Jace and is older than Max. Passionate and with a high sense of fashion. She is rebellious and very beautiful. Her cooking is often made fun of by Jace and Alec.

She is known to be dangerous and often carries weapons in her tall boots that are never less than seven inches. Her signature weapon is an electrum whip with which she is quite skilled. She dresses well, as shown when she gave Clary to wear clothes that she picked for Magnus's party. Despite this seemingly shallow and girlish side of her personality, she is shown to take responsibility for situations, shouldering the blame for her brother Max's death, despite having been struck unconscious at the time.

She is comforted by Simon, and ends up sleeping in a literal, non-sexual sense with him. She begins to casually date Simon—who is also dating Maia at the same time—and then later upon finding out about Maia, breaks up with him. After this and seeing how she is genuinely hurt by it, begins to slowly realize that she may actually be in love with Simon, but refuses to admit it. Isabelle obviously cares for Jace and Alec, and is fiercely protective of both of them.

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  • Because of this, she is constantly torn over the fact that her brother is struggling with his sexuality and when Jace is heartbroken over Clary during their supposedly sibling relationship. In City of Glass , she yells at Clary for only thinking of herself and not realizing how much pain Jace is in due to how much he really loves her. Isabelle is very beautiful and tall. She has very dark brown eyes with hints of gold that initially appear to be black. She is curvaceous and has long black hair that is described as "black as spilt ink" by Clary.

    She dresses stylishly, often with high heels. However, she despised her height and hated towering over everyone and wished to be small and delicate like Clary. She is portrayed by Jemima West in the film adaptation of the book, and Emeraude Toubia in the television series. Isabelle is the middle child in the Lightwood family. Her older brother is Alec and her younger brother was Max, who died at the hand of Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. Jace is her adoptive brother.

    Stolen Child

    Her parents run the Institute in New York. Lives in the New York Institute with his siblings. He is the oldest of the Lightwoods and is quieter than both Isabelle, his brother Max, and Jace, his best friend and adoptive brother. Alec is 18, making him legally an 'adult,' which gives him permission to attend Clave meetings. He was jealous of Clary, at first, upon meeting her due to knowing how Jace felt about her, and Alec himself had a crush on Jace.

    Later, he begins to forget him and he starts to date and falls in love with Magnus Bane a warlock who is immortal and nearly years old , though his strong brotherly love for Jace remains. Alec is mostly soft-spoken and serious. He tries his best to act wisely and is not as reckless as Jace. Later in the story, it is revealed early on that he had never killed a demon, which changes in the middle of City of Bones. He shows himself to be extremely caring about the ones he loves and is willing to do anything to protect them.

    Among the whole group, Alec is the most intelligent. When he finally accepts himself, he becomes a more relaxed person and comes out as gay to the whole Clave and everyone there, including his family and parents, by publicly passionately kissing Magnus In the TV show he kisses Magnus at his arranged wedding to Lydia Branwell. Clary notes at the end of the fourth novel that Alec had become more generous with himself, allowing him to be more generous with others. Alec, as seen in City of Fallen Angels , can also become extremely jealous, getting angry at Magnus when he discovers Magnus' long dating history and relationship with Camille, a vampire woman.

    Alec becomes a much more central character in City of Lost Souls and is one of the book's narrators. He, along with Clary, leads the search for Jace, while also dealing with Camille. Alec is said to have a thin, wiry build and like his mother, has black hair, luminous blue eyes, and impressive height.

    He is also very pale. Alec is described as being very handsome as well, but unlike his sister, he tries to downplay his looks by wearing worn out sweaters and damaged clothing. In the TV series Alec is shown as having fluffy black hair, strong build, luminous hazel eyes, and an impressive height 6ft 4in. He is very handsome, but unlike Izzy, he is very subdued in the fashion department. He was portrayed by Kevin Zegers in the film adaptation of the book, and Matthew Daddario in the television series.

    Alec is the oldest child of the Lightwood family, and the first son of Maryse and Robert Lightwood. Isabelle and Max Lightwood are his younger siblings, and Jace is his adoptive brother and Parabatai. Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He regularly tampered with the mind of Clary Fray after designing a spell that would erase her memories of the Shadow World once every two years as a favour to her mother, Jocelyn. He first meets the other Shadowhunters at one of his Downworlder parties. He later has Clary retrieve the Book of the White for him in City of Glass , and agrees to help revive her mother with it.

    In City of Heavenly Fire , he admits to Alec that he is almost years old, although he often lies about his age for instance, in "The Bane Chronicles" he claims to be under years old, to which his friends Catarina Loss and Ragnor Fell laugh, obviously aware of the lie, and in "City of Glass" he claims to be Despite his flamboyant appearance and whimsical personality, Magnus is a kind yet jaded person who yearns for love and acceptance, but has great trouble revealing his honest desires and personal secrets to others due to his long and traumatic past.

    His life has frequently been entangled with the fates of certain Shadowhunters specifically the Herondale family during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and the Fairchild family following the collapse of Valentine's Circle , but he doesn't become seriously involved with the workings of their society and their struggle for survival and reformation until he meets Alec Lightwood, who goes on to become the love of his life. Magnus Bane is described as being of Asian descent, due to his human parent being half-Dutch, half-Indonesian.

    He is an inch or two taller than Alec and is said to be lean, but not skinny, with lightly muscled arms. He has brown skin and black, nearly shoulder-length hair that is usually styled and dyed. He wears all kinds of makeup, such as glitter around his eyes and blue lipstick, and in City of Glass is also noted to own more makeup tools and accessories than even Isabelle Lightwood. He likes to flaunt his bisexuality by wearing flashy and sometimes bizarre clothing. He is said to be about 19 years old, physically.

    Pages of their cringey romance. By the way, I wasn't kidding when I said they wanted to cut each other open with their bare hands.

    The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty - 60 sec

    Don't believe me? He kissed her harder and she clutched his shoulders as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and bit down on it, sending a shock of pleasure mixed with pain through her body. She squirmed to get closer to him and felt his breath quicken; she could taste blood in her mouth, salt and hot. There was blood under her nails where she had clawed his back. Just terribly written and overdone. Also, read this sentence. A soft explosion went off in her head, like a dull firework of rage. In Clare's mind, explosions are soft and fireworks are dull. Sep 13, hayden rated it really liked it.

    More reviews at The Teen Bookworm! City of Lost Souls took a while to digest. All night I could feel it in my gut like deadweight. All the subplots and characters and relationships and the fact that so much was going on made this book hard to break down. But, finally, I woke up this morning and it all made sense. So, seeing as the book has been split into separate filing cabinets in my brain, I'm going to replicate that onto this review: The Good: I felt that Lost Souls was more compulsively readabl More reviews at The Teen Bookworm!

    So, seeing as the book has been split into separate filing cabinets in my brain, I'm going to replicate that onto this review: The Good: I felt that Lost Souls was more compulsively readable than the other installments in the series. With this installment, I found myself wanting to keep reading. Lost Souls had a lot more substance than the other books, which were stuffed with boring, meaningless conversation. Even though the book is a whopping pages Clare's second longest book yet, Glass being the longest , it never lets go of you. I also appreciate how Clare didn't end the book with a tremendous, soul-shocking cliffhanger that makes you want to steal Clare's laptop to get a glimpse of the final book in the series.

    The end does make you want to read the next one, just not in a way that'll make you dread the long, long wait until March ' Yes, that's twenty-two months of waiting. I don't know how I'm going to wait that long. Another thing I love about The Mortal Instruments is how there are so many characters that you can fall in love with. My favorite couple in the books is Isabelle and Simon.

    They're my two favorite characters in the book, and they're totally meant for each other. Even though Simon is a vampire, he feels like one of the most human characters in the book. He feels more than any of the other characters, and he isn't blind-sided by love. Izzy is his perfect match. I can't wait for their relationship to develop in the last book. Alec is another of those really fleshed-out characters Clare wrote. Magnus is definitely the most fun character in the novels. He makes the books fun to read.

    Clare writes sarcasm and wit really well. I would find some awesome quotes, but I don't feel like it, honestly. Overall, Lost Souls is a vast improvement over Fallen Angels, except for one major thing One scene in the book had me wanting to shove her head into an oven. Did it piss you off as much as it did me? I have a sledgehammer and I'm not afraid to use it. D: Their relationship was one of my favorites. Hopefully, Alec can win him back in when the next book comes out.

    Yeah, can you tell I'm still totally pissed about that date? Overall, it's an engaging read with some slight annoyances but an overall tightly-crafted plot and explosive climax. And then there's me. View all 60 comments. Graciela Tineo this is such a great review! Jun 05, AM. I'm glad that I didn't hang it up after the last book and kept pushing forward with the series. This fifth book was full of action and suspense. This time around, Jace is under the influence of Sebastian, the guy we all love to hate.

    Clary is kind of along for the ride, hoping she can break through to Jace. Meanwhile, Sebastian just keeps getting creepier and creepier. For the most part, Jace seems lost. He seems entirely possessed with his adoration of all things Sebastian. It takes bromance to a whole new level. However, being the diehard that she is, Clary refuses to give up on Jace. She focuses on the brief moments of clarity that he has in the midst of his mental enslavement.

    She knows that the real Jace is still in the shell that he is now. Meanwhile, back at camp "good", Simon, Magnus, Alec and all of the others, work on a way to fire Jace. There is plenty of action taking place on that front as well. Simon seems to be patching up his romantic relationship, while Alec seems to be wreaking havoc in his. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that I enjoyed the time with Jace and Clary.

    Finally, they get to spend some time together It may have taken five books, but things finally heat up between the two. Overall, this was another great book in the series. Things have definitely picked up and I'm mentally preparing for the good vs. I'll be starting the sixth, and final, book immediately. May 08, Kitty rated it it was ok Shelves: bad-life-choices-got-me-here , ya. No, you know what. This is not your fault. This is the author's fault. So, I briefly decided posting a full review where I was going to talk about the series as a whole and all the characters that had these little aborted attempts at plot points.

    But I think it's time to come clean and confess that somewhere between here and the last book everyone else with the possible exception of Izzy and Simon bore the Alec. But I think it's time to come clean and confess that somewhere between here and the last book everyone else with the possible exception of Izzy and Simon bore the heck out of me now.

    All the characters have gotten as bland as the unsticky side of a band aid. I just can't pretend to care about them anymore. Why do these new books exist? Why is there so little plot? Cassy Clare, I am so confused! These books are boring as hell. So I'm swallowing my pride. I'm getting real. And while Izzy and Simon's story line was cute enough, the thing that kept me flipping pages again and again was finding out what happened to Alec and Magnus.

    Lame, I know, but at this point if we can all admit to actually reading these books I figure there's not a whole lot of room for pride. In the original books their story line was something of a little treat for me to savor on the side and I wanted to find out what would happen this time around for them. Unfortunately it seems that I don't even have this tidbit to look foreword to anymore.

    Seriously, no joke. What in the hell happened to this character? Lazy writing no longer covers it. In fact it's beginning to smell a whole lot like author revenge here. Maybe this is what happens when she has to stop stealing from other authors and has to rely on her own imagination? Alec and Magnus are still going through the same old shit as last time.

    You're immortal. I'm not. But wait! Enter a sexy vampire vixen who claims to have the answer! So after more whining, Alec decides to go off and beat the answer out of her. And when I say beat, I to mean beat. The first thing Alec and Camille do after meeting is fight. It was actually kind of gratifying in a way to see Alec back in action again. But alas she has no cure! The solution? Take away Magnus's immortality. As far as relationship ideas go this has to be about as great as that guy who decides to wax his wife's eyebrow off on youtube.

    Let me back up here. This would actually have been something of an interesting plot point if it had been handled correctly. At this part in the book I was honestly bored out of my mind with Clary and Jace and I thought this might be the saving part of the book for me. Except that it unfortunately, and quite embarrassingly, shows that Clare has absolutely no idea how real human beings function or act.

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Witch Familiars Explained | Den of Geek

    I briefly considered all the different ways I could go about talking about this plot point without saying too much, but there's absolutely no way that I can discuss it without explaining it in full. Keep going at your own risk. Now, I'm not a completely heartless person. Even though I didn't like his whining before, I could understand the relationship problems they were having before this.

    I got it. I really did. So you're a young, closeted teen who suddenly finds himself hot in the pants for an older guy. Then, after you knock boots around for a bit and are able to think again, you realize he's a lot older than you. You realize he's going to out live you. These are serious problems. Ones that probably should have been examined between them way before now, but it's his first relationship so I'm willing to give his some slack.

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    The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty
    The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty
    The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty
    The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty
    The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty
    The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty

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