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We will still have our regular promotions and theme nights but we sincerely apologize once again. Thank you for your understanding , Lindy and Phil.


Banish all your worries for a night and come to our place. Just want socialise and have a few drinks , meet up with like minded people or party hard it's up to you. Remember all you have to do is bring yourselves and your alcohol we supply everything else. Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events. Come in those spooky outfits them optional.

We are now up and running on Adultmatchmaker and Swingers Heaven and Redhotpie so why not check it out taboo22couples and if you need a verification for your profile just give us yell when you come along. Fantastic venue , super friendly staff , we felt like old friends as soon as we walked in. Looking forward to many great nights here.

S and K. Venue 10 out of 10 , cleanliness 10 out 10 , bar staff 12 out of What a great night. Looks like we found a second home.

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Great place , so many friendly people who made us feel very , very welcome. Jaquie and Kim.

Thank you Phil and Lindy for introducing us around, a bit nervous on our first visit but that soon vanished. TThanks guys , we were a bit worried before we got there but you certainly made us feel so at ease as soon as we walked in. Thanks Phil for the tour and stuff it made our night. Thanks again guys. My first time at anything like this and boy was I looked after and made to feel so safe. As a single lady I was so nervous but everyone was so respectful and nice.

What a great bunch of people. Thank you guys , S. We came on friday night. Was a bit worried cause it was quiet but came back saturday night and the place was jam packed. Lindy and Leanne still made us feel at ease. Guys remember we have ample inside parking , so ladies if your worried about parking on the street try down the back of the driveway its all on sensor lighlights and Phil does checks during the night and will happily walk you out to your vehicle if you have any worries. Just don't forget if your parking your car overnight it has to be outside the gated entrance as we lock the gates at am.

We love our customers, so why not come have a pressure free look , remember Ladies your first night is FREE. It is helpful to set-up a clear marker on your house like balloons or a favorite sports team flag so the sexy people know they are knocking on the correct door and not accidentally bothering your vanilla neighbors.

As for party rules, you should think about your comfort level. Is the entire house available or do you want exclude certain areas like your kids bedroom or your office? Are drinks and food allowed everywhere or limited to certain areas? Are people allowed to smoke inside, outside, or not allowed? Are people allowed to congregate outside or do you have nosy neighbors that are prone to call the police?

Can they sit naked or do they need a towel the answer is always towel? Are you providing bath towels or should they bring their own towels? When they use your beds, should they replace it with clean sheets you provide for the next couple?

Taboo22 - Swingers Clubs Brisbane, Adultclubs Brisbane Queensland

Is there a time people need to arrive by before you lock the door so you can also play? Is there a hard finish time when they need to leave or can people sleep over? Are there any special parking instructions more people, more cars? Any clothing requirements to enter the house or are you ok with topless bikinis walking up to your front door?


Do people need to bring anything condoms, alcohol, food, whatever? You may think some of the swinger questions are silly. Please trust us, we have seen silly things. Once all of the RSVPs are received, you might want to let everyone know who else will be attending. You can share their online screen names so they can be contacted while still protecting their full names.


The more connected your guests feel with each other, the less likely they be no-shows. Your guests will thank you for helping them making their party experience even hotter. Before people start arriving you should designate a place for the food and drinks. It is usually helpful to only have easy finger foods that people can munch on while chatting with others. Swingers are looking less for elegance and more for functionality. They want tasty, easy to eat and without any lingering breath issues. A fan favorite is petite BLT sandwiches. These two bite finger sandwiches with their tasty bacon give a nice energy boost to recharge after a play session.

You can keep the buffet out or switch it with some dessert trays. Your desserts should also be easy to eat while standing — cupcakes, brownies, cookies are all good ideas. The drink station should have plenty of extra space. Some guests might forget to bring enough booze and booze is a social lubricant so try to have a spare supply. The good news is that you will often end up with many half used liquor bottles after the party. Many swingers forget to take home their bottles when they leave. You can store them away and use them as your reserve supply for future house parties or make yourself a drink the next morning as you clean up.

You should start to prepare for the party many hours before it starts.

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In other words you can never start too early prepping for a swinger party. Gather everything that you absolutely love and put it somewhere safe.

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When you have drunk people, accidents can happen. Speaking of accidents prepare a spill kit before the party. Just in case someone spills a glass of red wine or whatever else. You can quickly handle it and get back to having fun. Woo-hoo it is party time! People are starting to arrive.

Most swingers tend to arrive late and may arrive very late. Try to stay close to the front door so one of you can welcome your guests. As people arrive, have one of you take them on a tour. Show them first where they can drop off their coats, and then drop off their booze, then the socializing areas, play areas, bathrooms, garbage cans aka condom disposal spots and off limit areas. The tour is a good time to remind them of party rules. As the group starts to build in your social area, remind people to keep the sexy play to the appropriate spots when things heat up.

To help heat things up, you can play some games. Spin the bottle is fun but risky since not everyone might be willing to kiss everyone else. You could also try our hot tub swinger games. The party will eventually roll along on its own and you can have your own fun. When people are ready to leave or you loudly thank everyone for coming but explain you need to work tomorrow hint, hint it is time you want them to leave , make sure they are ok to drive. If someone gets drunk at your house and causes an accident you can be legally liable.

Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home Swingers Come Home
Swingers Come Home

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