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Wichita State in four sets on Aug. UC Riverside leads the way in digs Sister Power: The Van Winden sisters, Torrey, a sophomore transfer, and Adlee, who is a junior, are leading the Mustangs at the net as they pace the team and sit third and fifth in the Big West with kill averages of 5. Both have already earned Big West Player of the Weeks nods with Adlee earning the first of the season and Torrey collecting back-to-back accolades the following two weeks. Between the two, there was 74 years of coaching experience as Shoji led the Rainbow Wahine for 42 years and Gimmillaro guided the Beach for The Mustangs of Cal Poly, nabbing two first place votes and 71 total points, earned the second slot in the preseason poll.

Securing the third place spot with one first place vote and a total of 65 point was Long Beach State. UC Davis nabbed the sixth slot after collecting 39 points and is followed by CSUN, who holds the seventh spot with 33 points. It is accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets and connected streaming devices through the ESPN app. As the blame shifted to Teneiro, Edgeworth eventually investigated the plane's cargo hold as the true scene of the crime.

He found that the valuable Alif Red statue had been switched with a fake and eventually concluded that another flight attendant, Cammy Meele , was a member of the smuggling ring, and that Hicks's snooping had forced her to kill him in a panic. The next day, Edgeworth found himself delivering ransom money to Gatewater Land , where Ernest Amano's son Lance had been kidnapped. Unfortunately, he was briefly captured himself, but Kay Faraday , now much older, found and released him. Meanwhile, Interpol Agent Shi-Long Lang took over the investigation of the kidnapping, and the Criminal Affairs Department was assigned to help him, so Kay filled Gumshoe's role as Edgeworth's investigative partner.

It eventually turned out that the kidnapping had been staged and that one of the "kidnappers" had been killed. When Lance fell under suspicion as the killer, Ernest stepped in and tried to obstruct the investigation by buying the haunted house , the scene of the crime. However, with the help of Kay's Little Thief device, Edgeworth revealed the truth behind the murder and the kidnapping, and both Amanos were arrested. Lang revealed that Ernest had been his real target all along, for he was involved with the smuggling ring.

That night, Edgeworth returned to his office to find the body of detective Buddy Faith. He briefly encountered a mysterious gunman, who fled after the discovery. Officers soon arrived at the scene and Edgeworth started investigating with Gumshoe, only to find that court records from the KG-8 Incident , an incident that was related to his very first investigation, had been taken. Edgeworth eventually discovered that the real killer was Buddy's partner, prosecutor Jacques Portsman , who had attempted to steal a video from Edgeworth's office.

A black raven card was also found, which Edgeworth and Gumshoe recognized as the mark of the Yatagarasu. The next day, a Yatagarasu card appeared at the joint Allebahstian and Babahlese embassy , indicating that the Yatagarasu had returned and was about to strike the embassies during a goodwill event. Edgeworth, Kay, and Gumshoe attended the event in anticipation. Eventually, several incidents occurred: the Babahlese Embassy experienced two fires; Manny Coachen was stabbed to death; the Yatagarasu's shadow appeared in the Allebahstian Embassy's rose garden ; and a thief was killed in Allebahstian Ambassador Quercus Alba 's office.

Edgeworth gave himself the legal privilege to investigate these incidents by placing himself under Franziska's command, effectively making him a part of Interpol's investigation of the incidents.

Edgeworth eventually found himself confronting Shi-Long Lang's top subordinate, Shih-na , who turned out to be the woman previously calling herself "Calisto Yew", and discovered that she had assisted in the murders by setting the fires. It also turned out that the Yatagarasu had really been a three-person operation also consisting of Tyrell Badd and Byrne Faraday, though "Yew" had been a mole working for the smuggling ring the entire time. Badd then revealed that he had been the mysterious gunman in his office the previous day, gave Edgeworth the stolen KG-8 evidence that the detective had taken from Ernest Amano, and handed over the directives card that had ordered Coachen to kill Cece Yew.

Though this evidence from Badd was illegal, Edgeworth decided that this apparent limitation of the law was humanly imposed, and that he would have to go beyond it to arrest the mastermind behind the killings and the smuggling ring. Edgeworth and Lang confronted Alba, who invoked his right as an ambassador to stand trial in his own country.

In response, Lang called the imperial household of Allebahst and used the evidence that Edgeworth had found to convince the household to strip Alba of his ambassadorship. After a long and grueling argument , and with the help of Gumshoe, Kay, Larry Butz , and Wendy Oldbag Edgeworth finally took down the leader of the smuggling ring and brought him before the American courts to pay for his crimes.

A week later, on March 25, Di-Jun Huang , the president of Zheng Fa, held an event at Gourd Lake to thank the United States for bringing down the crime syndicate that had ravaged his country for years. However, the event became an investigation of an assassination, and the Chief Prosecutor called Edgeworth to the task. The president tried to hand the investigation over to the Zheng Fa police, but Shelly de Killer held bodyguard Horace Knightley hostage with a knife and coerced him into letting Edgeworth into the president's plane, where bodyguard Ethan Rooke had been murdered.

De Killer had indeed been hired to assassinate the president, but he had not been responsible for any of the events of that day. Edgeworth went on to prove that the assassination attempt had been faked, and that Knightley had killed his fellow bodyguard out of jealousy. On March 27, Edgeworth visited the detention center to see Knightley, only to find that he had been murdered. He tried to investigate the crime, but the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee P. Judge Justine Courtney was sent to hand over Edgeworth's investigative authority to Sebastian Debeste , claiming that Edgeworth had stepped out of line by boarding the president's plane and ordering a search of the president's officials.

Edgeworth suspected that the incident was being tampered with, and to this end, he resolved to act as an assistant to Knightley's intended attorney, Raymond Shields , who was a former assistant of his father and the current owner of Edgeworth Law Offices. Shields refused this offer at first, but Gumshoe and Faraday convinced him that Edgeworth had abandoned Manfred von Karma's teachings. The next two days had Edgeworth encounter an incarcerated Sirhan Dogen and endure repeated threats by Courtney to take away his badge. However, in the end, Edgeworth found prison director Patricia Roland responsible for the crime, and she was arrested.

Shields realized that Edgeworth really had changed, and offered him a position in Edgeworth Law Offices as a defense attorney. On April 2, Shields invited Edgeworth to the Zodiac Art Gallery , which featured alleged replicas of frozen sherbet sculptures that had gone missing during Gregory's last case, the IS-7 Incident. There, Dane Gustavia , a witness from the IS-7 Incident, fell victim to a poison gas trap, though he survived. Later, the body of the victim from IS-7 was found in the lobby fountain. It became clear that the poison gas incident was connected to the IS-7 Incident.

Using information from that incident as well as his own logic , Edgeworth discovered that the person behind the attempted poisoning was gallery director Katherine Hall , who wanted to catch the true culprit behind the IS-7 Incident. Gustavia was confronted and, though the statute of limitations was supposed to prevent him from being arrested, additional stipulations allowed the time limit to be extended.

Part of this extension was due to the fact that Master had been convicted as an accomplice, exposing a contradiction in the law that Shields would have to deal with in Master's retrial. On April 5, Faraday was found injured in the Grand Tower , suffering from severe amnesia. She was accused of murdering Jill Crane in the P. This was the last straw for Edgeworth, who resigned knowing that his position as a prosecutor was stopping him from confronting the P.

Edgeworth conducted an investigation with Shields and Faraday in secret, eventually finding a hidden storage room for evidence being sold off in a black market auction. However, they were eventually caught, and both Edgeworth and Faraday were arrested. Returning Faraday's Promise Notebook, which had been discovered near Crane's body. The next day, Courtney visited Edgeworth to find out his motives behind his actions.

Blaise Debeste also visited him, and Edgeworth took this opportunity to get Blaise to admit that he had manipulated the case to have Faraday arrested. Later, Edgeworth was called to the meeting room for a hearing on his status as a prosecutor. Edgeworth used this opportunity to accuse Blaise of Crane's murder. With the help of Courtney, who soon turned against her superior, Edgeworth managed to prove that Blaise was behind both the illegal auction and Crane's murder.

Faraday regained her memories after the arrest, and recalled she had been drugged and abducted from Gourd Lake to the top of the Grand Tower by an unknown assailant. Still, Edgeworth suspected that there was someone else in the shadows, manipulating the case. Edgeworth had hardly left the Grand Tower when he was thrust into a series of events orchestrated by both Blaise and a certain other mastermind.

President Huang was assassinated for real; moreover, Roland's trial took a turn for the worse when Sebastian and the evidence against the defendant went missing, and Courtney's son John Marsh was kidnapped by Blaise's lackeys to force her to acquit Roland. Edgeworth set off to find both Marsh and Sebastian while Franziska took over the prosecutor's bench and stalled for time with Shields, who had taken Roland's case. Luckily, both Marsh and Sebastian were eventually found with the help of Faraday and Gumshoe. Sebastian found some of the evidence in a garbage dump, which his father had thrown away to protect Roland.

Edgeworth helped Sebastian gain the courage that he needed to figure out his own path in life, and the latter chose to continue as a prosecutor and to confront his criminal father. With Blaise's machinations finally thwarted, Edgeworth turned his attention to the president's assassination.

An argument with Shi-Long Lang revealed that the murder was connected to the SS-5 Incident 12 years ago, in which the president had been kidnapped and a witness had been murdered. With the help of Faraday's Little Thief , they recreated the orphanage where the incident had occurred, which had been where the Grand Tower now stood. Using the case files that Blaise had previously sealed, as well as evidence that had been kept by Lang's father , Edgeworth was able to solve the case.

It was revealed that the president had really been assassinated by Sirhan Dogen on that day, and the "president" who had just been killed in front of the Grand Tower was a body double who had hired the assassin and conspired with Blaise and Roland. The investigation also revealed the existence of a boy who had witnessed everything but had gone into hiding after being interrogated by Roland. This boy turned out to be Simon Keyes, who, as revenge, had manipulated Roland and Blaise into murdering Knightley and Crane so that they would be arrested for their crimes.

Edgeworth then confronted Keyes in the circus, who cast off his meek persona to reveal his true self, the cunning mastermind behind the events of the past two weeks. A complicated argument ensued in which Edgeworth connected the mastermind to the kidnappings of Faraday and Marsh, as well as the various recent manipulated murders and the killing of the body double. Keyes was a bitter man bent on revenge because no one other than Dogen had helped him during his life, and the legal system had become corrupted by Blaise. When Keyes was defeated, de Killer arrived to kill his client for deceiving him about the true identity of his target.

However, Dogen asked de Killer to spare Keyes, and both of them were instead imprisoned while de Killer escaped again. Afterward, Edgeworth resolved to continue as a prosecutor, and save people like Keyes by confronting the contradictions in the law. With that, Courtney gave him his badge back and Edgeworth was a prosecutor once more.

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Edgeworth continued to study and prosecute abroad for the next seven years. Meanwhile, weeks after Edgeworth regained his badge, Wright lost his, being disbarred for presenting forged evidence during a trial. A year later, rookie prosecutor Simon Blackquill was convicted of murdering Metis Cykes , in what would become known as the UR-1 Incident.

These two events helped to spark the so-called dark age of the law , in which doing anything to win became the norm, and the public lost faith in the court system. Edgeworth resolved to fix this issue, but nothing could be done about it until October , when Wright was exonerated due to the revelation that the forged evidence had been planted on him. Edgeworth's promotion to Chief Prosecutor shortly afterward put him in the perfect position to clean up the corruption with Wright's help.

Believing that Blackquill was also innocent of his crime, Edgeworth had him prosecute cases, despite still being imprisoned and on death row, in order to draw out the real criminal behind the UR-1 Incident. Edgeworth also sought Wright's assistance, and helped ensure that he regained his badge without any problems.

At some point, he got to know Wright's adopted daughter Trucy , whom he saw squeeze herself into a small box during one of her magic show performances, and seemed to have gotten to know Pearl Fey better, as shown by his referring to her as "Pearls", which is Wright's nickname for her. Initially, these efforts did not seem to do anything, and time was running out as Blackquill was scheduled to be executed in December However, as the deadline neared, a bombing incident and murder occurred at the Cosmos Space Center , and Athena Cykes , one of Wright's employees, was eventually indicted.

The day before the execution date, Blackquill's sister Aura held the visitors of the Cosmos Space Center hostage, demanding that the police hand over Cykes. Aura believed that Cykes was the true culprit behind the UR-1 Incident, and Wright offered to hold a retrial for that incident.

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Aura had Edgeworth take the case, and he and Wright were allowed to investigate the robotics lab of the Space Center, where the murder had occurred. Edgeworth then fought opposite his old rival in the ruins of Courtroom No. It seemed that the truth was firmly on Edgeworth's side as he refuted every point that Wright raised up. To Edgeworth's dismay, Simon attempted to stop the trial by insisting that he was the killer, but Wright refuted Simon's testimony, causing Athena to confess that she had stabbed Metis Cykes , her mother and the victim in the UR-1 Incident.

In the end, Wright managed to demonstrate that Athena had actually stabbed the real killer, an international spy known only as the " phantom ", proving both her and Simon innocent of the charge. The phantom also turned out to be responsible for the Space Center bombing, and Wright identified Bobby Fulbright , a detective who had been placed in charge of watching over Simon, as this mysterious character.

Edgeworth declared Simon a free man, unlocked his shackles, and permitted him to take over as prosecutor to help take down the phantom. Edgeworth conducted an investigation on Fulbright and the UR-1 Incident, which revealed that the detective had been deceased for a year, making the man everyone knew as "Bobby Fulbright" an impostor. The phantom tried to claim that he was an undercover agent, but Wright managed to prove that he was indeed the phantom, and he was finally arrested. In the wake of this arrest, the corruption in the prosecutor's office fully came to light, including the questionable tactics of Gaspen Payne.

Edgeworth thanked Wright for helping to bring the dark age of the law to an end. With the ensuing cleanup of the prosecutor's office leaving it understaffed, Edgeworth reached out to Nahyuta Sahdmadhi , an international prosecutor from Khura'in who was traveling to the United States, to prosecute at least two cases. Some time later, Phoenix Wright was blackmailed into representing politician Paul Atishon in a civil lawsuit against Dhurke Sahdmadhi , with Atishon threatening a kidnapped Maya Fey's safety.

Wright had Edgeworth investigate the kidnapping on his behalf. After the subsequent civil trial, it was revealed that Maya's kidnapper was not Atishon, but rather his benefactor, Khura'in's Justice Minister Inga Karkhuul Khura'in , explaining why Edgeworth found no connection between Fey and Atishon. Edgeworth would later charter a plane and travel to Khura'in with Phoenix, Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, Dhurke, and, unknown to the others at the time, Trucy Wright who had hidden herself in Edgeworth's suitcase. While Inga was found murdered, Maya was found safe but unwell, and taken to a hospital, where both Edgeworth and Phoenix checked on her.

Dhurke was arrested on suspicion of Inga's murder, but Edgeworth's position as Chief Prosecutor granted the group the permission they needed to perform their needed investigations and prove Dhurke's innocence. After the trial, Edgeworth returned to the United States by plane with Phoenix, Athena, Maya, and Trucy, as Justice chose to stay behind and help the country rebuild its legal system. A few months later, Edgeworth once again faced Phoenix in court, albeit this time with Maya as the defense attorney's assistant for the first time in about a decade, when he prosecuted Ellen Wyatt for the murder of Dumas Gloomsbury.

Larry Butz also made an appearance by taking the stand as a witness. Phoenix eventually won the case by proving Pierce Nichody to be the real killer. Edgeworth is usually calm and level-headed, but is typically seen as a snob due to his cold, ruthless, and generally aloof nature. He has a certain lack of social skills and tact, making him very insecure and awkward around others. In fact, he was taught as a child to glare at people who looked at him, unwittingly intimidating them. He also has difficulties with some names, referring to the Global Studios mascot " Mr.

Monkey " as "Mrs. Monkey", calling Psyche-Locks "Psycholocks", and referring to the robot Ponco by the name "Panko", despite the latter's numerous attempts at correcting him.


Edgeworth dislikes the limelight and often tries to credit other people or circumstances for his accomplishments, and sees no value in awards or trophies. He hates showing his weaknesses, and resists other people's attempts to get involved with his problems. Although generally loath to admit it, he cares deeply for his friends, going to great lengths to assist them. Though he often insists that Gumshoe and Faraday are little more than nuisances to him, they form a formidable team, and he greatly appreciates and respects their presence and assistance.

Nonetheless, he is not always aware that he comes off as cruel or condescending, or even that he is glaring at someone. The DL-6 Incident left him with a fear of earthquakes and elevators, as well as suffering recurring nightmares about the incident, and the thought that he might have been the killer haunted him for 15 long years. However, although the nightmares ceased to occur after the incident was resolved, Edgeworth's fear of earthquakes and elevators remained. His reaction to earthquakes, or similar effects such as air turbulence, range from shortness of breath to sobbing and curling up into a ball or even fainting.

Such reactions are involuntary and stem from what had happened during the DL-6 Incident. He may have an allergy to pollen. In the courtroom , Edgeworth usually has the trial precisely planned out, normally ensuring his victory. Because of this, he tends to become easily ruffled with anything that does not conform to his plan. In particular, he tries to stick to standard courtroom proceedings, trying to make the witnesses state their names and professions, although he regularly has a great deal of difficulty with this task due to the often rather eccentric characters called as witnesses in his cases.

Ultimately, Edgeworth's approach toward his job is different from Wright's, in that Edgeworth is more focused on calmly using logic and letting the rightful consequences for wrongful suspects come about naturally from the truth. Before facing Wright in court, Edgeworth had a perfect win record. Following in his mentor's footsteps, he was relentless in his in-court tactics, doing almost anything to maintain this record. Despite this, he still maintained a sort of moral code and never intentionally used forged evidence.

His rationale for his ruthlessness was that he could not possibly know with certainty whether any defendant was guilty or not. He despised criminals, so getting every defendant declared guilty was his way of guaranteeing that the criminals he encountered got what they deserved. Ultimately, however, he was driven by his selfish desire to win. Edgeworth's encounters with Phoenix Wright changed him radically, challenging his notions of what being a prosecutor meant. Edgeworth decided that his win record no longer mattered and that instead what was important was the truth.

Edgeworth underwent further changes to his outlook during his investigations into the smuggling ring and his confrontations with the P. He realized that the truth was more important than the law, and that the law would have to change if it prevented the truth from coming to light. Thanks to the influence of his friends and allies, Edgeworth has developed a strong sense of right and wrong.

However, Edgeworth's determination to find the truth is difficult to stop. At one point, he callously revealed the background of a witness to get her to testify. He has also become a valuable ally to Wright, challenging him in one of his darkest and most vulnerable moments , and agreeing to take a case for him when he was incapacitated. Edgeworth has even joined in on cross-examinations against his own witnesses, teaming up with the defending attorney in order to pry the truth from the witness.

Edgeworth has also drawn inspiration from Wright's audacity in hopeless situations in several of his own tight spots. Although Edgeworth has expressed disinterest in marriage, he nonetheless has a good number of admirers. One admirer whom he encounters particularly often is Wendy Oldbag , who calls him "Edgey-poo" and other unwanted pet names. Bikini also found Edgeworth "handsome" and forgave him easily. Rhoda Teneiro and Lauren Paups were attracted to him, though Edgeworth was largely, if not entirely, unaware of this. Indeed, Detective Gumshoe has commented on Edgeworth's apparent ignorance of his own appeal to women, prompting Edgeworth to remark, "D-Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?

Ema Skye has also expressed some amount of interest in him, such as daydreaming about him working upon visiting his office as a teenager. Skye also views Edgeworth as the ideal prosecutor, or at least far superior to the "glimmerous fop", Klavier Gavin. Being a very successful prosecutor who was raised by another very successful prosecutor, Edgeworth is quite well-off.

He drives a red sports car to work which appears to be an imported Alfa Romeo GTV and it is insinuated that he lives in a mansion, and this shows in his high-class tendencies. Edgeworth is fond of drinking tea and playing chess; he frequently has tea delivered to him from the Gatewater Hotel and has a chessboard set up in his office. Edgeworth even sometimes visualizes his interrogations as chess games. His chessboard is unusual in that, rather than the traditional black and white game pieces, Edgeworth's chess set is red and blue.

While examining Edgeworth's office during the Bruce Goodman murder investigation, Phoenix Wright noticed that the red knights on the chessboard were all carrying swords with pointy "edges" while the blue pawns had "spiky hair" - a subtle reference to Wright and Edgeworth's courtroom rivalry, though Wright quickly dismissed the thought. Although he generally doesn't like to admit it, Edgeworth is an avid Steel Samurai fan, even displaying a Steel Samurai figure in his office despite not being a fan of the sender , and seeming to know quite a bit about the show.

Despite acknowledging that it is a show meant for children, he enjoys the series's plot and high production values. When Will Powers, the actor who played the Steel Samurai, was acquitted of murder , Edgeworth told Powers that he was a fan of his work, although Wright believed that he was lying. During one of his flights back home , he was secretly reading a Steel Samurai manga hidden between the pages of one of his law books. The nature of his admiration for the show became less subtle during the Allebahstian and Babahlese Embassy goodwill event , in which he got an autograph from the Steel Samurai.

He was crushed when he found out that it was Butz under the helmet, later shouting at him, "You will never be the true Steel Samurai! During his battle of wits against Quercus Alba, analogies were repeatedly made between Alba and the Evil Magistrate , the Steel Samurai's arch-nemesis. Edgeworth did not resent the implication that he was the "Steel Samurai" of the analogy. Eventually, when Alba insisted that he remained in the theater to watch the full duration of the show - claiming to be an avid fan - Edgeworth angrily told Alba off, declaring that he would never acknowledge Alba as a Steel Samurai fan.

Edgeworth's interest in the Steel Samurai was once again demonstrated during his trip to Khura'in.

Miles Edgeworth

After watching an episode of The Plumed Punisher: Warrior of Neo Twilight Realm , he reacted with disgust, comparing it unfavorably to the Steel Samurai and considering the show's theme song a ripoff due to their obvious similarities. According to Shu Takumi [9] , Edgeworth was difficult to develop as a character compared to Wright. Edgeworth's character really came together once Takumi decided he would be rich. In the original game , Takumi designed Edgeworth to be an unlikable and tragic character, which is seen in Manfred von Karma raising him to be a prosecutor and then prosecuting him for murder, just to have his revenge against Gregory Edgeworth.

Although initially writing him with no weaknesses, after the first game, when Takumi saw a comic by Kumiko Suekane depicting Edgeworth liking the Steel Samurai , he decided that a more likeable Edgeworth would be "cuter", and so Edgeworth was fleshed out into the valuable friend and ally seen in Farewell, My Turnabout and Bridge to the Turnabout. Edgeworth's post-credits appearance in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Miles Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth It doesn't matter how many underhanded tricks a person uses The truth will always find a way to make itself known.

The only thing we can do is to fight with the knowledge we hold and everything we have. Erasing the paradoxes one by one It's never easy We claw and scratch for every inch. But we will always eventually reach that one single truth.

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This I promise you. Contents [ show ]. Phoenix Wright That's when I heard his father was a defense attorney. I remember, his eyes would shine when he talked about his father. Miles Edgeworth I object! That was Miles Edgeworth So, you've come to laugh at the fallen attorney? Then laugh, laugh! Why aren't you laughing?

Miles Edgeworth It's been a long time Miles Edgeworth The reason for my eagerness is my want to pursue the truth, and my want to believe in the strength of those who use the power of the law for good.

Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2) Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2)
Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2) Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2)
Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2) Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2)
Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2) Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2)
Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2) Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2)

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